Posted on April 15, 2014 by Steven

Recently, I saw quite a number of people asking questions like “I forgot my windows password? please help!” in many forums. Stucking at the windows login screen is a nightmare if you have no idea of how to reset your password.

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Hence, I decided to write this post to help those who need help in resetting their password if they have forgotten it.

So you have forgotten or lost your windows password? Are you afraid that you have to format your computer as you can’t login into your windows? The answer is no! You do not have to format it. There are quite a number of solutions that can reset your windows password.


“Finally, I reset my windows 7 password successfully with the help of your tips! I do not have to format my computer. Thank you so much.”


Now, let me share with you the most two common and easy methods to reset your password. You can either call a technician to reset the password or you do it yourself with any password reset software that is available in the market.

The best password reset tool that I would recommend is called ResetPasswordPro.

Calling a technician to reset password for you costs roughly $60-$100. Are you thinking it costs too much? Yes, I agree with you. However, since the technician is going to your house to do the password recovery for you, he has to spend time and transportation fee. Thus, paying that amount to the technician is reasonable.

Other than this method, let me explain the second method now. This method is the quickest and easiest way to reset your password. Furthermore, it will be much cheaper as you are doing it yourself. What you need to do is to buy a password reset software. The cost for such software is usually less than $40. You can download it immediately after you have purchased it. After that, you have to do the following 3 simple procedures in order to reset your password.

1. Burn the data into an empty CD/USB thumb drive and then restart your computer.

2. Set your BIOS to run boot with CD-Rom/USB thumb drive and choose the account that you want to reset your password.

3. Restart your computer and login with your new password.

Overall, I would recommend you to try method 2 since it’s faster and cheaper. You do not need any programming knowledge in order to use password reset software. It’s easy enough to reset your password if you follow their instructions.

So I guess you want to reset your password right now? However, you are not sure where to find and which password reset software is more suitable for your computer? Don’t worry, the purpose of writing this post is to help you to solve your password recovery problem!

And this is the exact reason why I decided to pick 10 of the most popular “Windows password reset” tools to see which one works on most windows operation system(OS).

After testing all of them on Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP and 2000, the results showed that most of them cannot work properly on these 4 OS. In fact, out of the 10 softwares that I tested, only 4 of them were able to reset password safely. In order to save your time by trying them one by one, I would recommend you the best password resetter tool that I have tested – ResetPasswordPro . With the help of this software, I managed to remove User and Administrator password in less than 10 minutes. I even surprised myself!

Please take a look at the following screenshot, it shows a demo of this powerful software. The user interface is clean and clear.

As you can see in the above screenshot, you can simply reset your password by clicking the “Reset” button! You do not need to know any programming knowledge in order to reset your computer password!

In conclusion, I would say ResetPasswordPro is the best tool that you should use if you want to reset windows password. Furthermore, you will get a free CD burning tool that creates your bootable disk automatically. The process is so simple that you can easily follow with their installation guide. What If you meet any problems? No worry, their customer support team is there to assist you 24/7 with almost anything!

Now, simply click here to download ResetPasswordPro at $34.99 only!